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Carpal Tunnel in Painesville, OH

If you’re looking for a solution to carpal tunnel syndrome and you reside in Painesville or the surrounding areas in Ohio, the experienced chiropractors of French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Madison can help you find a treatment that works.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

This relatively common disease can often be caused by repetitive motion, like typing on a keyboard. Whether you’re a writer, administrative assistant or programmer, if you engage in these repetitive motions with a poorly positioned wrist, you may suffer from this relatively common disorder. Symptoms of carpal tunnel include tingling, muscle atrophy, numbness and uncomfortable feelings in the wrists and hands. These symptoms are caused by the pinching or compression of the median nerve that travels through the wrist and up through the hand, developing into carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the Symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Each person experiences carpal tunnel syndrome somewhat differently, and we know that every case is unique. Some of the most frequently experienced symptoms of this syndrome include the following:

  • Difficulty with carrying or lifting weights or heavy items
  • Pain from the hands and wrists to the elbows
  • Hand weakness, in either or both hands
  • Thumb or finger tingling and numbness
  • Difficulty or impairment in moving the fingers
  • Reduced coordination in hand and finger dexterity and movement
  • Numbness in the palms of the hands, sometimes accompanied by tingling
  • Discomfort, pain and tingling in the forearms, hands, wrists and fingers

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

There are a range of non-surgical options that can help you find relief and healing from carpal tunnel syndrome. Most doctors will suggest non-surgical options first. While surgery for this syndrome can be effective, it also carries significant risks not associated with non-surgical treatments.

These options include:

  • Anti-inflammatory or pain medications
  • Adjustments of the carpal tunnel
  • Splints and supportive braces for the wrist
  • Altered positions for typing and other repetitive motions
  • Steroid injections to the wrist

Chiropractic care can help you and your family to find relief from carpal tunnel syndrome and other disorders. If you are experiencing these symptoms in Painesville, please contact French Chiropractic and Wellness Center today. Our office will be happy to schedule your consultation.