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Elderly Treatment in Madison, OH

Age brings wisdom and true insight into the important aspects of life. Joint pain, stiffness, age-related medical conditions and damage caused by injuries and trauma earlier in life all work to slow us down. At French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Madison, we offer elderly treatment so that the older residents of Painesville, Mentor and surrounding towns in Ohio can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Your Aging Body Feel Young Again?

Millions of aging individuals are helped by chiropractors every year to reclaim their lives. Treatments are performed at French Chiropractic and Wellness Center to help relieve chronic and acute pain, increase overall strength, improve the ability to move joints freely, overcome balance problems and bring back a quality of life to those who seek out our professionals.

If you want more out of life and want your body to feel young again, let us help you achieve that goal. With our chiropractic care, we will realign your spine and extremities, give you advice on diet and nutrition, help you develop a safe exercise routine and offer other natural ways to preserve the longevity of an exciting, productive life.

Why Is Chiropractic Care So Important For Senior Citizens and the Elderly?

As we age, our bodies experience dramatic changes in our spinal structure. Because of this, it’s very important to take advantage of elderly chiropractic care. Normal everyday stress is harder on the ligaments, muscles, spinal discs and facet joints of senior citizens and the elderly. There is a lessening in hydration to the joints, causing arthritis, which in turn causes pain. Injuries occur more frequently and take longer to heal.

Treatment plans are designed after evaluating the aging nature of the patient’s spine and any apparent abnormalities. All chiropractic procedures and treatments are safe, effective and noninvasive. Adjustments and mobilization techniques are gentle, so as not to cause further pain or discomfort. In fact, spinal pain is greatly reduced through the incorporation of physical therapy, stretching, and exercise. This also helps increase flexibility and mobility. All of this helps minimize the degeneration of the spine.

Underlying problems which are causing the symptoms are the necessary target. It isn’t enough to simply target the pain and symptoms. In fact, this could be dangerous because the true problem will remain untreated. These symptoms are simply the manifestations of the underlying problem. The patient must be willing to participate in determining and treating these underlying causes in order to create a long-term program to reach their optimal health.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Aging Adults?

There are many important benefits of routine chiropractic care to our bodies as we age:

  • Relief from neck, joint and spinal pain
  • Increase in muscle flexibility and lessening of rigidity and muscle spasms
  • Straightening and alignment of posture
  • Increased range of motion and mobility
  • Increased coordination and balance
  • Increased sense of well-being and a higher energy level
  • Decrease in inflammation of tissue
  • Arthritis and joint pain are decreased
  • Spinal stress and tension are reduced
  • Less chance of falling and injuring oneself

How Chiropractic Care Reduces the Risk of Falls

  • Increasing strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination through stretching and exercise programs.
  • Incorporating specific chiropractic adjustment techniques to return spinal joint receptors to a more normal state, which will provide the brain with important balance and coordination information.
  • Counseling on diet and nutrition to increase a sense of well-being and increase the energy level of the patient.

As we age, we tend to slow down, and our joints become less mobile. With the inactivity comes scar tissue and adhesions. Through chiropractic treatments, we increase joint movement, eliminating waste and increasing nutrition to spinal discs and joints.

Vital nutrients are brought into the joints, and toxic waste products are flushed out through chiropractic care, which restores and optimizes spinal and extra-spinal joint movement. This minimizes the potential for arthritis by helping to keep the joints healthy, which minimizes joint degeneration.

Similar to a wheel on an automobile that is out of alignment, a misaligned spine with abnormal biomechanics will wear out before its time. Chiropractic will decrease this degeneration of the joints and tissue. Since your spine is important to your well-being and freedom of movement, it’s important to get the most out of it for as long as possible.

Poor posture is the culprit of many maladies from aches and pains, emotional problems and reduced health to premature death. Chiropractic restores alignment to a spine that may have become more rounded and compressed with age. Reducing the underlying biomechanical and neurological causes of bad posture is one of the goals of regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care balances the nervous system. As we age, we accumulate stress which builds up in our bodies. Regular chiropractic adjustments help release our energy and stored up tension.

Chiropractic care can increase our overall feeling of health and well-being. When you can once again do the things you enjoy because you’re free of the chronic pain and stiff joints, life is worth living and each day is an adventure.

If you’re over the age of 40, do yourself a favor and commit to regular chiropractic care. It’s not just about the elimination of pain or the correction of soft tissue problems. It’s about finding and treating the underlying cause of the pain. It’s about living life to the absolute fullest.