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What Can You Expect?

Chiropractic treatment can be an effective option to alleviate or manage your long-term pain and allow more freedom of motion.

Because care is based on the individual, each treatment plan is unique. The type and duration of treatments will depend on you and the results you seek.

If you suffer from a chronic or recurring problem, your chiropractic care will likely involve a course of treatments. The variety and duration of treatments will vary depending on the specific cause of your condition and the desired results. Good communication is critical to the best outcome, so it is important to discuss your goals with the chiropractor freely.

Their goal is the same: to help you live functionally and comfortably as long as possible.

The Initial Consultation & Exam

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes. The chiropractor will take your full health history and complete a physical examination. The purpose of the exam is to find the cause of your symptoms and determine if there are any contraindications to your treatment. Based on the exam and the desired outcome, other tests such as X-rays or MRI scans may be ordered.

The chiropractor will thoroughly explain the purpose and results of each test. Their goal is to ultimately propose a treatment plan that will be most effective, comfortable and safe for you.

If additional tests are required, it might not be appropriate to start your treatment on the first visit. However, if you are in considerable pain, the chiropractor may suggest a treatment to make you more comfortable while you await the test results.

The Second Appointment – Report of Findings

During the second visit, our chiropractor will review and explain

  • The findings from the initial examination
  • Any x-ray or other imaging results
  • The diagnosis and treatment plan

This is the best time to ask questions. It is important that you understand the problem behind your pain and how the proposed treatments will help you. Your chiropractor may even suggest simple lifestyle or postural changes that can make a big difference in the overall success of your treatment. Before moving on, be sure that you and your chiropractor agree on the expected outcome.

When you are ready to start, our chiropractor will begin with a variety of gentle and specific manipulation techniques designed to unlock stiff joints and restore function and mobility. Your chiropractor may even suggest massage and exercise as part of your treatment plan.

Follow-Up Appointments

If you have a chronic or recurring problem, your treatment plan will likely include a number of visits over a period of 5-8 weeks. It is not uncommon to be treated 2-3 times weekly in the beginning. As your treatment progresses, let our chiropractor know which techniques are most helpful and if any are unpleasant. Monitor your progress and discuss adjustments to your treatment plan if your pain persists or worsens.

As your symptoms fade, the time between treatments will decrease. However, pain is only part of the story. With proper chiropractic care, your pain may ease or even go away completely – often quickly. It is tempting to stop treatments at this point because you assume you are “cured.”

That is a mistake because the underlying condition likely still remains, and most often people are returning to the same activities that manifested the original condition. Once your pain is relieved and stable, further maintenance treatments will be useful in keeping ahead of the symptoms in face of ongoing activity level.

After your initial treatment plan is complete, periodic visits will still be of great value. Remember, your chiropractor is a partner in your journey to living functionally and comfortably.