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French Chiropractic and Wellness CenterFrench Chiropractic and Wellness Center


“Have been going here for 2 years. Very friendly staff and take great care of their patients and genuinely care about you.” – Jessica C.

“This is the best staff ever!!! They are so caring & compassionate!!! Everyone is so wonderful!” – Amber H.

“Very good place to go…love it…. …happy my friend referred me here…great care and friendly staff.” – Patricia C.

“Suffered from migraines for 30 plus years. They started when i was a young teen. When I started here the docotors started treating me for them. I use to have 3-4 a week and now after almost 5 years I have had 3. No matter how “good” I feel, I keep getting adjusted so I never go back to having headaches like that again!” – Gina R.

“Very professional staff!” – Cynthia 

“Pleasant and informative experience, thank you!” – Pamela 

“I’m a 53 year old teacher who was not very educated about chiropractic care!  This is terrible to say (please forgive me Dr. French) but I was very skeptical about chiropractors.  I went as far as to question that their training was authentic and professional!  Dr. French is an authentic, genuine professional whose care as well as treatment has definitely improved the quality of my daily living.  I now truly believe in chiropractic care!  Thank you Dr. French!” – Merri P.

“Everyone in the office was so friendly and very welcoming! – Tiffany 

“I finally decided to come and see Dr. French and his team after my husband, Troy told me how much better he felt after the treatments on his neck, and how nice everyone that works there is.  I can’t believe how much better my hip feels!  I must admit that I was skeptical after having had on other chiropractic experience a few years ago, but now I’m sold!  You guys really care about people, and you’re fun as heck!  Humor is the best medicine!” – Linda H.

“Being a weekend wanna be athlete chiropractic care has allowed me to do what I have a passion for in life.  Sports (participating) and running for fitness is a priority in my life and the care I receive here allows me the opportunity to not be on the sidelines!” – Lee M.

“WOW!  Where do I begin?  It has done wonderful things for my whole family.  One of the biggest benefits is that in the past two years we’ve been regular patients, we’ve have almost no reason for other medical treatments!” – Charlene M.

“Chiropractic has put the pep back in my step!  My entire mood has improved since chiropractic care.  I feel good and want everyone to know how appreciative I am to the entire staff at French Chiropractic and Wellness Center!” – Billie D.

“I have been coming to see Dr. French since November of 2003, since then I was in a really bad motor vehicle accident in December.  My doctor on record has been Dr. French during this whole bad ordeal.  I’ve  become very dependant on Dr. French to help me through all my pains and aches, not only does he take care as my chiropractic needs, but has been great help with everything I’ve needed done with worker’s compensation.  I don’t know what I would have done without him and his staff.” – Alicia K.

“I’ve gone from headaches everyday to nearly none!  Doctors in 1993 said I would probably need surgery in ten years.  I’ve been getting regular chiropractic care from Dr. French since 2002 and I’m pain free!  I won’t be needing surgery anytime soon.” – James O.

“Chiropractic has helped me to be able to move better, sleep better and live better!  Dr. French is the only chiropractor that has listened to me.  I will refer anyone to him!” – Melissa B.

“My lower back pain used to hurt everyday especially after work, (I’m a waitress) so I’m on my feet all-day.  I was a little afraid about going to a chiropractor, but I finally decided to, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Dr. French made me feel comfortable, and the visit with the therapy made a big difference in my back.” –Kristie N.

“Dr. French and his staff are the best thing that ever happened to Madison, Ohio and the people here and the near by areas.  Most people don’t realize they even need someone like Dr. French until they go.  They think all those aches and pains are normal signs of aging or exertion, but they are wrong! Because everyone at French Chiropractic and Wellness Center makes you feel like a new person!” – Marsha P.

“Thanks to my chiropractic care I now feel much better in my everyday activities and much more confident with my movements in my daily activities.  I also sleep much better and can sleep much better and I can sleep longer without the pain that used to wake me up after about 1 hour of sleep.” – Jerry J.

“I barely walked into Dr. French’s office I experienced the most excruciating pain of my life.  After x-ray’s and an MRI and a routine of manipulation, I’m 100% again!” – David B.

“First of all, I love the family atmosphere at French Chiropractic.  Everyone is so friendly and down to earth!  I’m glad to come here because I just feel better and I don’t have to take all of the medicines that other doctors prescribe that don’t really HEAL me!” – Stephanie T.

“My husband Roger is a patient there, before seeing Dr. French he was always crabby and irritable because he was in such pain.  Since seeing Dr. French his pain has managed so his moods have improved, that has benefited both of us!” – Andrea N.

“I have always had neck problems.  One day the pain turned into numbness from my neck down the whole right side of me.  I came to see Dr. French because my insurance at that time would cover his services.  I had never heard of him, nor have I ever had chiropractic care before.  Well two years later, a different insurance carrier (who doesn’t cover Dr. French) took over and I still chose to go to him because his care works!  I trust him and his staff.  Thank you, you guys are wonderful!” – Laura G.

“I ended up at Dr. French’s due to my change of insurance.  I am so grateful I had to switch doctors.  Prior to coming here I was treated by two other chiropractic offices in the area without a lot of success.  From the first time I met Dr. French I knew he could help me.  He took the time to listen and took x-ray’s did tests and made me feel confident.  My first session he relieved 80% of my pain and I am better all the time.  Dr. French and his staff are wonderful and I will be a lifelong patient (as long as he has me)!” – Karen C.

“I have suffered having migraines/headaches, my whole life.  I also was hit in the right eye with a nail gun about 10 years ago causing vision problem bad headaches.  I went to tons of doctors and got no answers.  That was until I started seeing Dr. French.  He has taken away a lifetime of pain.  I’m very grateful of Dr. French.  Thank you!” – Sonny S.

“Chiropractic helps my pains go away and my headaches feel better.  It keeps me healthy.  He’s funny and nice and I love coming here!” – Shayla C. 

“I don’t know how to begin.  I started seeing Dr. French in August 2004, for T.M.J. related pain that caused migraines and neck pain.  After the vigorous six weeks all the pain in my jaw was practically gone.  I can now say that for more that a year, I have had no pain in my jaw-a great change from the year before.  When I could hardly open my mouth to talk, for almost a year all the pain in my neck has disappeared.  And I fully attribute my easy painless pregnancy to the regular chiropractic care that I received, and I can see a painless labor because of it!” – Stephanie D.

“When I went to see Dr. French, I was in serious pain and I couldn’t function or sleep.  With the adjustments that I have received I can now sleep and do the things in my life that need to be done!  Now I tell everyone how necessary it is to see a chiropractor!” – Peggy P.

“I received treatment for neck and lower back problems.  The success of these treatments has given me more flexibility and made exercising easier.  I’ve lost several pounds and hope to continue losing.  Thanks!” – Ronald L.

“I had a very sore back for about 4-5 weeks.  By seeing Dr. French my pain is zero by week 6.  I have only had about four visits and I feel so much better.  This therapy has helped my whole back and not just the sore spot.  I have also learned things to do to help myself, as well as the doctor helping me.  I will definitely recommend Dr. French to my friends and family.”– Elizabeth C.

“When I first came I could barely get around.  I had to have help descending stairs.  After a few treatments and more exercise I am much better!  I have a way to go but I can go down stairs without aid.” – Judy T.

“I just started coming to Dr. French because I was injured in an automobile accident. In just three weeks, I am almost pain free!  Dr. French had found that I’m in the early stages of scoliosis and with his care I am able to start a preventative program that will help me live a more productive life.” – Tammie D.

“Shortly after starting my first job as a server, I experienced knee pain.  I thought I would not be able to keep working at a job I really liked.  My parents brought me to see Dr. French.  Now my knees hardly hurt ever, and if they do I just come here for an adjustment.  I was able to keep my first job and have been working for almost a year!” – Adam G.

  • Colleen Barclay
    Colleen Barclay
    14:05 28 May 20
    I was going to French Chiropractic three years ago for a frozen shoulder, it feels great and I don't have any problems with it anymore. My back was hurting so I am back. I wouldn't go anywhere else, THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!! All the staff and the Doctors are awesome! They are like family
    Jen Thomas
    Jen Thomas
    00:31 20 Aug 19
    Everyone is always really kind there . Felt better after my first visit but maintenance definitely helps .
    Debbie Holik
    Debbie Holik
    12:16 08 Jul 19
    Without going into all my details I want to let you know if you EVER need a Chiropractor please consider Dr. Tim French of French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Madison, Ohio. Dr. French has been my ROCK for the past 16 months. From late February 2018 Dr. French has treated my back and neck pain. He has worked diligently to ease my pain and get me moving. He has seen me at my worse. He's watched me cry, he's listened to me complain visit after visit and never batted an eye except for concern. I'm not a quitter, I'm a fighter and as each day passes I am more determined to get back to my pre-pain life. It's been a long road, one that the light at the end of the tunnel seems to far away but, I'm going to keep on trying. I can tell Dr. French anything and I know he won't judge me. He's that good of a man and doctor. He doesn't know how valuable he's been in my care. I can tease him and tell him he has the warmest hands ever. Then I laugh because it's true. I ask, Dr. French, do you go back and run your hands under warm water? I can laugh through my pain but I put on a brave face. He knows when I hurt worse than what has become my new normal. My favorite I'm in pain words getting on the table are "oh gee whiz". His continued care has been a comfort to me. His staff is the best EVER, I love them all! I can call his office out of the blue on a busy Friday afternoon and his staff will get me in. Unless you're in constant pain there are times you have no idea how you're going to make it through the weekend without an adjustment. So, Dr. French thank you from the bottom of my heart! You're definitely a one of a kind doctor, I'm so grateful I found you!
    George Leonhardt
    George Leonhardt
    02:52 21 Feb 19
    Dr. French, Dr. Gray and their amazing staff are such a blessing to me. Recently I have had lower back pain .Dr. French and Dr. Gray have continued to adjust my back including electrical stimulation. Each day my back is improving. This past weekend I had two near falls which has agrivated my back. Today I had another adjustment and I have improved. Thank you French Chiropractic.
    Keria Stephens
    Keria Stephens
    14:05 04 Sep 18
    Amazing chiropractors that cater your therapy to your specific needs and they have a massage therapist on staff the does the same holistic therapy. From nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapy, physical therapy...they got what you need for holistic therapy options. Friendly, curtious staff. Appt reminders in adavnce prior to your appt, they accept insurancw even for the massages, workers comp, looking for orthodics they also have you covered...check them out they are awesome.
    jay starling
    jay starling
    20:49 04 Aug 17
    Great staff that is always willing to help you. The doctors are absolutely amazing and have helped me where conventional medicine has failed.
    tom shepherd
    tom shepherd
    00:51 05 Apr 17
    I Came in Barely able to walk...sciatica... after a dozen visits walking became easier. now I keep up with the stretches and exercises. I have been told via Dr./MRI I'll need surgery but I'm nearly back to normal walking surgery will wait.
    Gary Holbrook
    Gary Holbrook
    01:31 02 Feb 17
    Makes me feel young again..Dr.Hugh Cradduck, wonderful!! Staff helpful very friendly..
    Judy Headley
    Judy Headley
    20:28 03 Nov 16
    What a wonderful staff at French's Chiropractic!!! They have helped myself, my husband and so many family members and friends! They are all so helpful plus being so funny they make you smile just walking into the door, even when you are in pain but you walk out feeling so much better even with the first visit!! Thanks to all of you for helping so many people feel so much better!!!!
    Janet Krajc
    Janet Krajc
    21:50 26 Sep 16
    I have been coming to French Chiropractic since 2005 and I can't imagine going anywhere else for spine care. The staff is friendly, caring and compassionate. The doctors are out of this world! They listen to you and truly care about you and your health, not just your spine health. French Chiropractic is more than my place for Chiropractic care, they are family!!
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