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Joint Disease in Madison, OH

Joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis, affects millions of men and women in the United States. The chiropractors at French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Madison diagnose joint disease and provide treatments to improve joint movement.

What is Joint Disease?

Joint disease occurs when the cartilage between the joints begins to breakdown causing the bones to rub against one another. Joint disease is one of the most common types of arthritis. The breaking down of cartilage, or the cushioning at the end of the bones, can cause much pain and discomfort as well as leading to a loss of movement. Osteoarthritis, usually occurring in middle to older age people, affects hands and weight-bearing joints such as knees, feet, hips, and the back. Cases of osteoarthritis can range from mild to severe.

Causes of Joint Disease

Joints are highly fragile structures in the body, yet they are essential to holding the body’s form. Joints are found where bones meet, such as around the knee, at the elbow, in the shoulders and in the hands. Maintaining healthy joints is vital. They not only keep us flexible, but they also help us to move and support our weight. Thanks to their fragility, joints break down easier than other parts of the body. As they deteriorate, the body experiences stiffness at the joints as well as pain and possible swelling.

Causes of joint pain are not limited to age but can also stem from physical injuries and health problems.

Some of the most common types of joint disorders are:

Subluxation: When a bone moves out of alignment and puts pressure on or irritates the surrounding nerves it causes pain as well as a decrease in function. If joints continue to be misaligned for an extended length of time, the bones can begin to weaken and break down. To prevent the wearing out of your bones, our chiropractors will keep your joints aligned and in proper working order to provide you with the best quality of life.

Dislocation: A dislocation is a joint injury occurring when bones are forced from their regular position. Usually taking place from a fall or other impact, many dislocations occur in the hip and shoulder region. Sudden pain and swelling are common with a dislocation. At French Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we work to strengthen and stretch the muscles, all while keeping joints in alignment, to help prevent dislocations from occurring.

Arthritis: Known as arthritis, joint swelling and inflammation can be caused by a range of factors. Arthritis affects over 50 million people in America. With chiropractic adjustments, the risk of developing arthritis can be reduced. If you are already plagued with arthritic pain, then chiropractic care can help to lessen the associated discomfort and work to improve your movement.

Common Symptoms of Joint Disease

The symptoms of joint disease are often slow to develop and worsen with time. Signs and symptoms of joint disease include

  • Morning stiffness
  • Swelling of the joints
  • Painful and limited movement
  • Rainy weather induced pain
  • Grating of the joint with motion
  • More discomfort following exercise or heavy lifting
  • Gradual onset of deep, aching pain
  • Sometimes no symptoms are present

Joint Disease Treatment

Chiropractors are trained to detect early signs of deteriorating joints in the body, and are educated on how to help relieve the associated pain. They see problems transpiring from the spine, hips, and knees, down to the hands and feet. Chiropractors use natural therapies to alleviate joint discomfort through massage techniques, chiropractic manipulation, and trigger-point therapy.

In addition to working on the body, chiropractors can advise patients in choosing exercise techniques that are best for them. If the pain prevents you from exercising, talk to a French Chiropractic and Wellness Center specialist for drug-free options to your problems. In addition, a chiropractor can advise you in choosing the correct supplements to prevent and treat joint disease.

Isn’t it time you tried chiropractic care for you and your family? If you are experiencing any of the common symptoms joint disease, please contact our office now to schedule an appointment.