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Your First Visit

When you come to your initial visit at French Chiropractic, expect the most comprehensive analysis of your health. An initial chiropractic exam, health evaluation, and treatment will usually take about an hour, depending on your condition. To prepare for your first visit, just download, print, and fill out the Patient Forms from this website and bring your insurance card.

The following is a list of standard services provided during your first visit.

Patient Forms –You will be required to fill out a patient form. It can be found on this website under the “Patient Forms” tab. Please print and complete it before you arrive. You may bring the completed form to your first appointment or fax them to 440-428-1755. If you are not able to do so, forms will be provided when you arrive at our office.

Insurance Check – Our billing department will make a copy of your health insurance card and check with your company to see what treatments and therapies are covered, the amount of co-pay you may be responsible for, and any deductible amount left on your account. This information will be reported back to you at the end of your initial visit or during your Report of Findings.

Orientation DVD – You will be asked to watch a short, yet informative, DVD that will educate you on chiropractic and French Chiropractic.

Consult with the Doctor – The doctor will go over the Health History Form and ask questions about the condition(s) for which you will be treated.

Orthopedic & Neurological exam – The doctor will take you through several strength, range-of-motion, and reflex tests to better assess your condition and possible causes.

Surface EMG Scan – You will be scanned by a modern clinical device which measures the slightest differences in temperature throughout your spine. These differences indicate nerve irritation and muscular imbalances at specific levels in the spine.

X-rays – If necessary, X-rays will be taken if needed for doctor analysis.

Schedule a Report of Findings – The final step of your first visit is to schedule a Report of Findings.

Your Report of Findings

Report of Findings – Your doctor will sit down and thoroughly explain your x-ray and exam findings.  He will answer any questions you may have and go over the treatment plan he has prescribed especially for you.

Chiropractic Adjustment – The Doctor will perform the first adjustment. Acute patients will usually find a substantial amount of pain relief from this first treatment. For patients with less severe conditions, there is still usually noticeable improvement after the first adjustment.

Rehab Exercise – Some patients will be directed to our Rehab Exercise room for a session with one of our trainers. They will teach you stretches and exercises to help re-educate muscles to retain normal function.