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Decompression Services in Madison, OH

The decompression services at French Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Madison alleviate pain associated with back, leg and other types of pain. Decompression services help by repositioning joints and vertebrae and also promoting healing. The combination of safe and effective decompression services and highly skilled chiropractors is why the residents in Painesville, Mentor and surrounding towns in Ohio rely on French Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

How Does Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

Spinal Decompression Therapy uses a DTS table to provide a safe alternative treatment for the relief of your nagging pain, whether it be in your neck, back or due to sciatica. Studies of this type of therapy have found that a large percentage of people are reporting significant pain reduction. A sizable percentage found that their pain was eliminated. Thousands of patients have experienced the benefits of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

Spinal disc decompression therapy is an effective therapy for back and neck pain. This therapy has the advantage of being non-surgical in nature, with no risks found with surgery, infection, anesthesia, or prescription medications. This technique is exploding in popularity because of the undeniable results patients are receiving regarding pain relief for their sore back and necks.

The therapy utilizes a therapy table electronically linked to a computer. It is able to decompress and stretch your spine. This allows fluids and nutrients to flow into spaces that were formerly too constricted to permit entry. You rest comfortably on the table as a comfortable harness moves gently along your spine. Your spine will become decompressed, including your intervertebral discs and joints. These structures, combined with the back muscles, causes most of the pain you are experiencing.

Safe and effective relief from neck or back pain

Before we treat you, we will decide if you are actually a candidate using a thorough evaluation. We examine your medical background, CT or MRI scans, and x-rays. If you are indeed a good candidate for this therapy, we tailor a plan to suit your individual needs. The average plan is around 6-8 weeks. While your treatment plan is designed to render a stable, pain-free or minimally painful state you may notice a significant pain reduction early in the process.

At the start of your sessions, you will be fitted with a harness that is very comfortable. It allows for precise decompression and unloading because of positioning and distraction. You remain fully clothed during the process, and a trained technician ensures you are correctly positioned for optimal comfort, effectiveness, and safety. Your treatment plan is entered into the computer, and your session begins. You will be given control during the entire procedure and can end your treatment session at any time you choose.

Each treatment consists of several treatment cycles that may last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. Each individual cycle lasts about four minutes. The specially designed equipment applies precision tension along your spine, decompressing your discs. The entire process is run automatically by a computer that is closely watched by a trained technician.

You may feel a relieving of pressure in the area of your pain during the treatment. At this time, your body is filling the newly freed space with fluids, nutrients, blood, and oxygen to speed healing to injured tissues. The area had once been compressed and restricted, leaving no room for healing forces to enter the area and heal the damage that was created.

Most patients enjoy and look forward to their treatments, finding them comfortable and soothing. At the close of your therapy session, you are ready to go home. After returning home, the injured discs have been decompressed, providing “breathing room” for healing nutrients to enter the area and speed healing to injured tissues.

Please contact us to set up an appointment and learn if spinal disc decompression can help you. You have nothing to lose but your pain.