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Sports Injuries: Most Common and How We Can Prevent Them

Sports Injury in Madison, OHWork hard and no play is not a fun way to spend the day, right? But play too hard and you could end up doing some damage. Sports can be extremely demanding activities, so it can only be expected that injuries happen every once in a while. Many times it isn’t even one particular incident that causes injury when it comes to sports. The repeated strain of physical activity on a part of the body creates what is known as a “chronic” injury. The tender or weak spot of the chronic injury can lead to further, more painful injury as well.

What Are Common Sports Injuries?

Two of the most common sports related injuries are sprains and strains. A sprain happens when a muscle is injured and consequently becomes enlarged, pained, and stiff. A strain happens at a joint as opposed to a muscle, and involves the joint becoming swollen and bruised. These types of injuries can be quite painful, but they can be helped and hopefully avoided.

How to Avoid Injury

Some ways you can avoid these injuries are:

  • Don’t work out with fatigued muscles. Rest up before you exercise if you feel like your muscles aren’t ready yet.
  • Always stretch or warm up before you work out. Your mind may feel like it can go 0 to 60 right away, but your muscles don’t agree. Give them time to adjust so you can perform your best.
  • Don’t work yourself too hard too fast. If your body isn’t ready for an activity, work your way towards it instead of jumping right in.
  • Don’t settle for gear that’s not your size. Treat your body right by getting what fits right.

What If You Do Get Injured?

Sometimes no matter the precautions, injury is unavoidable. If you get a sports injury, you can see a chiropractor for help. Some treatments they can use to help you heal include ice massages, electrical stimulation, heat application, immobilization of the injured area, and stretching. These, among other techniques, can reduce swelling and pain and get you back to the gym, court, or field in no time.

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